About Us

RECAP was established in 1965 and is the designated anti-poverty agency in Orange County. As a multi-service agency our programs offer a variety of options for residents who need help.

Like many Community Action Agencies, RECAP traces its roots to Lyndon Johnson’s presidency. When President Johnson took office in 1963, he proclaimed that all Americans could live in prosperity and thought to accomplish this through reform. In his 1964 State of the Union Address, Johnson declared an unconditional war on America’s poverty and challenged citizens to build a “Great Society.” Organizations were established and they developed a model, the Community Action Program, that could eradicate poverty from the ground up. This model gave people the power to identify problems affecting their own communities and the resources to bring change.

In 1965, poverty levels reached a national high and effects were felt in Orange County. A panel of local activists decided to put Johnson’s words into action and they formed the Regional Economic Community Action Program.

A half century later we’re still as dedicated to eradicating poverty as our founders were. We’ve grown to include innovative programs in the fields of addiction treatment, job training, energy conservation, nutrition and more.

Here’s a piece about RECAP, produced by Willy Gilly Productions:

Our mission 

To mobilize and coordinate public and private resources to address the basic needs of low-income people and assist them in attaining the skills, knowledge, motivation and opportunities needed to become economically self-sufficient.

Our leadership 

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Chief Executive Officer Charles Quinn formerly served as part of RECAP’s executive team as Deputy Director of Operations and has been with the agency for over 6 years. Chief Operating Officer Michele McKeon brings 20 years of not-for-profit leadership and social justice expertise. Chief Financial Officer Joya Gambino has been with RECAP for 20 years managing all fiscal operations and consistently providing financial guidance and leadership. Their combined experience, knowledge and energy ensure RECAP’s vital community services will continue to improve and expand.


  • Head Start early learning centers in Middletown, Newburgh and Port Jervis support the comprehensive development of children in the centers and in their own homes.
  • Our Energy Conservation team has a variety of home improvement measures to help residents save fuel funds, reduce energy use, and enable people with disabilities to fully access their homes.
  • In the Nutrition and Advocacy program, our advocates and volunteers evaluate and fill client needs for food, identify other household concerns, and connect participants with information about other RECAP services and community resources. Awareness activities generate discussion about hunger disparity and food insecurity.
  • Supportive Housing programs provide a variety of Orange County residences that focus on veterans, seniors, the disabled, and the homeless.
  • Addiction treatment services are provided by the TRUST Center outpatient day treatment center in Middletown and New Life Manor residence in Newburgh.
  • Fresh Start Cafe is a job readiness program in a cafe setting designed to help individuals on public assistance gain the skills and confidence to succeed in today’s job market. Under the guidance of culinary staff in a restaurant setting, trainees learn culinary techniques used in a variety of restaurant positions, as well as service techniques and standards that translate across the service industry.
  • Orange County Reentry serves to facilitate and support the needs of individuals and their families during the transition from incarceration to successful community citizenship.
  • Our Neighborhood Preservation Company brings a range of community improvement efforts focusing on the area’s housing needs. Projects include the renovation of older homes and new construction developments, assisting homeowners with renovations and helping those trying to stay in their homes. We focus on reducing housing costs, promoting employment, and new business development.
  • The Newburgh Services office offers nutrition and advocacy assistance, translations, social services navigation assistance, help locating forms, emergency food supplies, and more.


Agency brochure (English): RECAP Brochure English
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How can you help? 

Visit our Giving tab above to learn more about giving and volunteering, and join us throughout the year for fundraisers and advocacy events! Visit our Facebook page to see where we’ll be!