Newburgh Services


2015 brought a big expansion to RECAP’s services for Newburgh residents. In late 2014 the NYS Department of State designated RECAP as the Community Action Agency for Newburgh.

The designation, along with our convenient location on Broadway, helps us bring much-needed assistance to underserved populations.

Our services include nutrition and advocacy, translations, social services navigation assistance, help locating forms, emergency food supplies, and more.

We’re aware of the full range of services available to Orange County’s low-income families and children. We work closely with RECAP’s other programs and community partners to better understand the variety of services and public benefits…and how people can access them.

Our services

Employment Support & Training – Resume writing, job readiness and training, post-employment services, and job development

Nutrition & Advocacy – Assistance in obtaining public benefits such as Temporary Assistance (rental, health insurance, SNAP), Social Security (SSI, SSD, and Survivor benefits), HEAP, Section 8, unemployment, government-issued cell phones

Translations – Certificates of marriage, birth, and baptism

Petitions and Document Retrieval – Immigration, child support, custody, birth certificates, affidavits, and name changes

Emergency Assistance – Clothing, food, and hygiene products

Bilingual services are available.

Contact us

RECAP’s Newburgh Services
201 Broadway, Newburgh, New York
(845) 568-3445
Fax: (845) 563-9099
Office hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm